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What Calvary Church is All About

At Calvary Church we endeavor to express our love for others by generously serving them through our time, talent, and treasure. We pursue God's Presence passionately through corporate and private times of worship, prayer, and devotion. Calvary Church also provides times of instruction to help people grow in their knowledge of God and His Word. A sense of community is generated as we “do life together” in a family atmosphere filled with compassion, patience, and humility. Evangelism, for us, is not an event, but rather, a lifestyle of sharing our faith in our day to day lives. We love Jesus so much that we want others around us to grow to love Him as well! Calvary Church is a Pentecostal church which means that we enjoy experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit in our midst and make room for Him as our “special guest.” We've come to know that “nothing with God is impossible,” and we want you to experience miracles in your life too!